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A strong lineage of excellence in homoeopathy and acompetentIMG-20150213-WA0057team of doctors lend Naina homoeo care a perfectblend of cure and care making it the ideal address for healthy and holistic living .
Your One-Stop solution for all health complaints Inhomeo provides service that you can avail of, from the comfort of your home/office.

“A Homeopathic Physician’s high and Only Mission Is To Restore the Sick to Health.”Now, you no longer need to run around to get an appointment for Online Homeopathic Treatment, no more waiting in long queues at your doctor’s clinic. The services of an expert Homeopath will now be available for you at any time and any place that you desire with Inhomeo.Inhomeo has an expert panel of doctors available for you to provide quality homeopathic cure and care as is the mission of the clinic. sitemockups.in/homoeocare is a online portal for those who want to seek homeopathictreatment.
This makes it easy for patients to seek homeopathic treatment for their long standing disease, without need to consult doctor in person.

In this busy life, people have no time to care for their health .Sometimes ,despite the problem being severe ,they are bound to linger with it due to lack of time .Long waiting hours at clinics and hospitals make it impossible for them to take the proper treatment ,until and unless there is an team1emergency. And if anyhow they are able to drag themselves to clinics, there is seldom any revisit for follow-up,and the treatment is left in between.
Apart from this, living in an area where doctors and medicines are not easily available, patients can avail online homoeopathic treatment and get rid of their ailments. Good health is our most precious possession. Treating with Homoeopathy and advising on healthy diet and life style,we help people to stay and acquire health.

We at Naina Homeo Care provide Homeopathic Care for the Entire Family.

We at Naina Homeo Care provide Homeopathic Care for the Entire Family.

We specialize in:

  • Hair problem.
  • Skin Disease.
  • Female Disease Whole woman homeopathy.
  • Gastroliver Diseases.
  • Smile children-an initiative towards Happy Child Hood. Children with developmental, behavioral and learning challenges.
  • Dr.Sameer and Dr. Neeraj Serving people with homoeopathy
    with a purpose.They believe in uniqueness of homoeopathic cure in
    diseases of all spheres,esp.chronic and long standing ones.
    Homoeopathy offers results which changes their life.

Dr. Sameer :- He has a very strong homoeopathic background, his father
Dr.N.P.Singh,though professor of chemistry, has been practising
homoeopathy since 40 years, and has experience of treating diseases
,skin diseases, and on and on…His three sons are all homoeopaths and
had privilege of studying and experiencing homoeopathy from a very
young age.

Dr. Sameer did his B.sc in human sciences and then followed with a
B.H.M.S. from F.D.H.M.C. of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. .He was always on
top positions, gold medallist and sound speaker on homoeopathy. With
Exposure to homoeopathy at a very young age, he and seen miracles of
homoeopathy and soon set up a successful homoeopathic practice.

Dr. Sameer  is a homoeopath having a flourishing private practice at
lucknow since 13 years.

Dr.Neeraj-: Has been a topper all through her studying years. Be it
school, College debates or presentation, she has an access to top

A throughout gold medallist in B.H.M.S,. She is very hard working and
innovative, a quality she has inherited from her father. She believes
that homoeopathy is the BEST FRIEND of females and helps them lead a
healthy and promising life. She also is a dietician she persued the
study of dietetics after taking to the practice of homoeopathy.


“Health is wealth is the proverb that needs to be re-imbibed into the hearts of millions”

  • Don’t you think you have a right to live a healthy and happy life??
  • Are you frequently falling sick these days?
  • Do you need to pop pills often to cope up with these “sicknesses”?
  • Are you allergic to one or more things in your food or environment?
  • Are you becoming increasingly intolerant to changes in diet or weather or daily routine?
  • Are you sad and/or depressed and feel drained out? Are you unable to give your 100%?
  • Are you tired of taking numerous “anti……” medicines and seeking a more wholesome relief?
  • Are you seeking a long-lasting or permanent relief from your illness and suffering?

Then, HOMOEOPATHY is what you really NEED!
Homoeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homoeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.
Homoeopathy offers a safe and long-term holistic solution to maintaining and improving your health. Not only can it help remove troublesome symptoms, but it can also help boost your immune system, increase your energy and improve your outlook on life.

Plato wrote almost 2,400 years ago:

“As you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body, so neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul.”
When a person is treated as a whole, the symptoms presenting in different parts of their body will naturally be cured because their overall health has been addressed, that is to say their mental, emotional and physical symptoms have all been taken into account and treated by the homeopath.

The long-term aim of homeopathic treatment is not only to alleviate the immediate presenting problem, but also to address the underlying causes. A bacterium in itself is not a problem, it is the weakness in the person who becomes sick because of it that needs to be treated. Every day bacteria and viruses enter our bodies, but only some of us become ill, some of the time. The question is, why?
A person’s susceptibility to disease can arise from psychological imbalance, stress, physical weaknesses and heredity. A well chosen homeopathic medicine strengthens a person’s self-curative response. When this is working at an optimum level, the naturally protective mechanisms will follow suit and weaknesses will be overcome.