Q. Once I have discontinued the treatment and if I wish to come back what is the procedure? 
Ans. Once you discontinue the treatment, but your case is stored with us. In case if you have any problem in future, you can get back to us and avail of the treatment again.

Q. Can I recommend your site to other friends?
Ans. Yes You Can.

What added benefits do I have from this site other than homoeopathic treatment?

Besides Homoeopathic treatment, you will have access to the following useful information on this site:

  • Diet and nutrition section which advises you on dietary management for various disease conditions
  • A section on patient instructions which give you basic information about various clinical conditions, their causes, symptoms, do’s and don’ts
  • The FAQs section where all common queries have been answered
  • Explore Homoeopathy Sections that give you a brief detail about homeopathy
  • A section of Teastimonials and Cured cases Gallery for your reference
  • Important  News And Health Events.
  • We at Naina Homoeo Care try to spread health within the community by delivering the highest quality of Homeopathic health care services, to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore health as swiftly, safely and humanely as it can be done.

    An initiative towards community and individual health in form of  “Aarogyam Health” is an additional venture by us ……

    Health Awareness, Disease  Prevention, Quality Treatment ………Healthy Community.”
    Aarogyam Health aims to restore, maintain and enhance health by providing superior care, now and into the future.

    We are committed to provide high quality healthcare services at affordable prices.
    What makes our services special is the personalized care that patients receive from our experienced and dedicated team.