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Hair Problems Homeopathic Treatment

Hair ProblemsWhen a new baby is born, he or she has soft, fine and downy hair called lanugo that disappears shortly after the birth. Normally hair on the scalp and other parts of the body becomes thicker and coarser. In middle age, hair growth can be seen on the ears of men and women develop the same on the face at the time of menopause. This is due to change in endocrine pattern. People who take Allopathy medicines do not believe in homeopathy. Homoeopathic time may take longer, but it eliminates the disease from the root. According to a report, so far 75,000 people have got rid of the problem of hair fall. Treating the patient with physical symptoms, he cures the patient so that the patient can get relief from the disease. In this way, the treatment provided by us is one step ahead and works to re-integrate the patient in normal life. Due to the modes of modern living, baldness, partial or whole head, is a very common disease. Besides being rich by giving various types of shampoo to the patient and making hair transplant, allopath physicians have not paid any attention to the common causes of this disease.

Causes of Baldness or Alopecia Treatment in


  • Conflicts and Stress in Modern Life
  • Viver infection and allergy-prone disease of the nose
  • Handicap
  • Modern ‘Broad Spectrum Antibiotic’
  • Mixer chemists mixed with foodstuffs
  • Different types of gel and spray used for setting hair.
  • Homeopathy: Early cases of hair loss from black fosses, acid fosses, selenium, natural peacock, sepia often have success. The reason for hair loss should also be diagnosed with it.

Hair fall & Dandruff Effectiveness of Homeopathy Treatment

Today homeopathy does not involve taking only medicines but other techniques like trichology are also used. The combination of these has benefited a lot of people. It has also been proved in international practice that Naina Homoeo Care homeopathic treatment is done without any side effects for hair fall problem. For Consult Hair Problems Homeopathic Treatment Clinic in  Lucknow


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