Discover How to Claim Your Health

 You try hard to be healthy. You are conscious of providing the best nutrition and care for both yourself and your family. It can be so demoralizing when in spite of your best efforts illness is a regular guest in your household. Your feelings of anxiety and helplessness only increases as you experience recurrent bouts of cold and flu’s or watches your children move from those short term illnesses through to eczema, food allergies and finally asthma. Winter is the worst…until summer comes and then it’s the suffering of hayfever.

You’ve made improvements to the diet. You’ve added all the right supplements. You’ve exhausted what the doctor can do for you… to little effect. In fact, the improvement has been small, if any.

You know deep down that yourself and your children should be healthy, robust, joyful and energetic. They should be able to concentrate and thrive at school. You refuse to accept less and you can’t go on much longer with the lack of sleep, the worry and the discomfort that you see and feel.

Everyone seems to have an opinion but you’re not sure who’s advice would be best for you to follow. It’s not your fault, you are not alone. You don’t know what you don’t know.
This is not true health. Life can be different.

 Dr.Neeraj-: Has been a topper all through her studying years. Be it
school, College debates or presentation, she has an access to top

A throughout gold medallist in B.H.M.S,. She is very hard working and
innovative, a quality she has inherited from her father. She believes
that homoeopathy is the BEST FRIEND of females and helps them lead a
healthy and promising life. She also is a dietician she persued the
study of dietetics after taking to the practice of homoeopathy.

Homeopathic Doctor in LucknowDr Neeraj Singh’s ambition is not limited to Lucknow. They have made constant efforts to bring homeopathy Treatment acceptance and validity across the country.  where a complete and successful effort is made to cure all the diseases and to eliminate the patient’s disease. Treating the patient with physical symptoms, she cures the patient so that the patient can get relief from the disease. In this way, the treatment provided by us is one step ahead and works to re-integrate the patient in normal life.

Homeopathy can provide you with highly effective solutions for all the above issues……and a lot more…..we bring to you this website  to explore and learn more about the wonderful Science of Homeopathy.

We believe in Uniqueness of Homoeopathic cure in diseases of all spheres,esp.chronic and long standing ones.

Homoeopathy offers results which changes patient’s life.

We emphasize that every patient is given special attention even if he suffers from simple cold.

Thanks to Homoeopathy’s vast scope ,

we are Family Doctors to most of our patients. We have been organizing Free Homoeopathic camps regularly,Run Charitable Clinic At Very Prestigious School G D Goeneka Public School and plan to establish a Charitable Homoeopathic clinic in some rural area in near future.

We believe in uniqueness of Homoeopathic cure in diseases of all spheres and in all ages i.e Babies and Grannies, Females and Males, Acute and Chronic, Head to Toe, Minor to Major.