1- Homeopathic Services offered at Naina Homeo Care.

  • Naina homoeo aims at offering the best possible homeopathic treatment.
  • Online consultation through their online portal—-WWW.INHOMEO.COM
  • Chat online
  • Homeopathy information
  • Explore the role of homeopathy for various diseases.
  • Organising homoeopathic workshops for the students of homoeopathy.
  • Informative articles, journals and presentations for lay people, students and physicians.
  • Support system for all patients.
  • Treatment of chronic and difficult diseases.

What added benefits do I have from inhomeo other than homoeopathic treatment?

Besides Homoeopathic treatment, you will have access to the following useful information on this site: Diet and life style advice which advises you on dietary management for various disease conditions A section on patient instructions which give you basic information about various clinical conditions, their causes, symptoms, do’s and don’ts The FAQs section where all common queries have been answered Sections that give you a brief detail about homeopathy A section of success stories and cases for your reference Some interesting articles which we keep on updating regularly.

At Naina homeo,we offer treatment of chronic and difficult diseases in particular. Expertise has been obtained in the treatment of difficult conditions Dr. Sameer and Dr,Neeraj. Both the doctors are available for consultation at their clinic from Monday to Saturday between 10 am to 1 pm and 6 to 10 pm. Patients can walk-in for enquiring about their disease and its scope of treatment with Homeopathy. They are particular in taking all the cases themselves,esp the first consultation.

2- Online Homeopathic Consultation

This is an online portal through which it is easy for patients to seek homeopathic prescription for their long standing disease or seek medicines through courier. The online protocol is specially designed for those patients who cannot visit the clinic personally. We at INHOMEO ensure that all the data required to prescribe the medicines is adequately collected and thus the patient gets the same benefit as meeting the Doctor personally. This way of prescribing is beneficial for those patients who cannot have access to the clinic in person due to some reason.May be the patients are living in the same city or not, there are many hurdles which keep patients away to have a regular treatment from their doctors.

Patient-friendly treatment- At Naina Homeo we offer patient friendly treatment, that means that our treatment is economical when compared. Every case is studied and evaluated by us and the prescription is arrived at after careful consideration of each and every aspect of patient’s physical, mental, and emotional disharmony. We offer free follow-up consultation during the concerned period of treatment you have opted for. You are entitled to enjoy the best of health counseling throughout your treatment. Free Auxiliary Treatment- Most health problems need not only medicines but certain lifestyle changes, some dietary advice, exercise tips, certain yogasanas, and/or some health advice that often goes unnoticed. Your treatment package at inhomeo .com is inclusive of these guidelines and you need not pay anything extra for it.

How to get treatment-

Step 1

Consultation — submit your complete case history for evaluation.Questionnaires are provided. As part of the free service; we will evaluate your history and suggest whether it is treatable with Homeopathy or not. If required, we may ask you for further details, necessary for the evaluation.

Step 2

We will study and evaluate your completed case record and suggest possible line of treatment with Homeopathic medicines for you. Make payment to Order Medicine.

Step 3

On realization of payment Naina homeo care will send you the prescribed medicines and the required suggestions at your given destination.

How Online consultancy works?
Fill Up the applicable consultation form by depending upon the type of consultation needed.
Children Form
Patient Detail Form
You can go through our Terms and Conditions
3-During Treatment

I.The questionnaire.

1.Children  Detail Form
2.Patient Detail Form

3. Hair Problem Q questionnaire.

  1. How to fill the questionnaire?

Questionnaire-It is designed to help us to understand your problem and to understand you as a person. It is also aimed at giving you a greater awareness of your symptoms, making it easier to relay them to us during our consultation.All of your answers help us to understand how your system might have been stressed physically, mentally and emotionally, and can lead us to a specifically matched remedy for help with your problems. This questionnaire is to help give us a clear picture of your case and you as a person.

Please keep the following points in mind before filling the form-

  • Never fill the questionnaire in hurry.
  • First read the whole form thoroughly and then answer the questions.
  • This is the vital thing through which the homoeopathic medicine is selected,hence you need to take utmost care to fill it.
  • We keep the information shared by our patients strictly confidential,so this is expected that while filling the form you will not hide anything.
  • Be elaborative where you feel necessary.
  • If you want to share anything else you may write it at the end of the form.

“Homoeopathy treats the patient, and not the disease”.
Please attach the recent reports,and in cases of skin diseases,the recent photos along with.


4- After Treatment

  1. Once I have discontinued the treatment and if I wish to come back what is the procedure?
    Ans. Once you discontinue the treatment, but your case is stored with us. In case if you have any problem in future, you can get back to us and avail of the treatment again.
    Q. Can I recommend your site to other friends?
    Ans. Yes You Can.

5- Queries regarding online treatment-

What is Online treatment?
To avail of treatment through the internet with out having to visit the doctor’s clinic personally is termed as Online treatment. The communication between the Doctor and the patient is completed through various mediums like E-mail, Telephones, Chat, and Video conferencing. Online treatment breaks the time, space and language barrier..

What are the benefits of taking treatment from an online clinic?

  • You can avail the services of a Physician of your choice even if he is situated across the globe.
  • There is no time constraint; you can complete the case record at a time convenient to you. It gives you enough time to answer all the questions.
  • It gives enough time to explain in detail about your symptoms.
  • You do not have to wait in long queues at the clinic
  • 100% confidentiality is maintained
  • You do not have to take leave from the office to visit the clinic; you can visit the clinic at a time convenient to you. You can have best of the treatment sitting in your comfortable atmosphere
  • Major breakthrough in the language barrier: You can communicate in many international languages.
  • If required, direct communication can also be established with us. You can call the clinic at a prearranged time, we can chat online or communicate via video conferencing.
  • You also have the option of uploading your case in an audio format.
  1. Should I stop the medicines I am already taking?
    Ans. Homeopathic medicines do not react adversely with other medicines and hence they can be taken along with them,but if you are taking homoeopathic medicines then you need to stop them before starting our treatment.Many a times a person is dependent on some medicines and sudden withdrawl of these medicines are harmful to their health These medicines can be gradually tapered off, if required.

Is Online payment secure?
Yes in the current scenario Online payment is very safe and secured.
How long does it take for my information to reach you?
On our website www.inhomeo.com we receive an alert as soon as any one register a new case, follow up, or any updation is submited; hence there is no gap between the submission of the case by you and its receipt by us. However, it may take about 3- 4 working days to process the detail case study and finalize your best possible medicines.
What about confidentiality?

Your data will be 100% confidential with us. Nobody will have access to any of your information except you. So there is direct relationship between physician and patient.
How will I receive medicines?
We can courier the medicine to you
How long does it take for medicine to reach?
After a detailed completed case record is submitted the medicine is dispatched within 2-3 working days. On an average it takes about 4-8 working days for the medicines to reach you. In case you do not receive the medicines within 10 days of giving the case, kindly contact us.
How can I track my medicines?
Now a days internet allows you to keep track of every good dispatched; most of the courier services have a tracking system; you can get the information on the net and know the exact position of the medicines. We will mail you the details of courier for your reference.
When and how should I take the medicines?
Ans. Instructions regarding taking the medicines will be sent to you along with your medication. Kindly take the medicine exactly
What guidance regarding Diet and Nutrition is accessible?
Ans. No dietary restriction with medicines,only according to your disease.as instructed in your prescription.
How long does it take for a homoeopathic medicine to work?
Ans. The time taken for the medicines to work varies from case to case and depends on many factors some of which are:

  • Chronicity of case
  • Nature of illness
  • General health of the patient
  • Medications taken in the past
  • After going through your case in details, we will be able to tell you an approximate time that you will take to start feeling better

Do the medicines lose efficacy during Security checkups if they are passed through screening machines?
Normally homoeopathic medicines do not lose their efficacy unless they are exposed to direct sunlight or strong odors for a long period.
What if I change my city / locations / work area?
As the clinic is online you can get in touch with us via internet from any part of the world, it really doesn’t matter where you stay and where you work. However you will have to inform us about the change of address, and update the contact details then the medicines are to be dispatched to the new address.
If I am an Online Patient can I consult Dr.Sameer and Dr Mrs Neeraj in person?
If you wish to consult us in person, you can fix up an appointment with us by writing an email to us. You can also be online and have a chat, video conferencing or a telephonic talk with prior appointment.
What if I want to chat with you?
You may fix up an appointment for the same and at a mutually convenient time you can chat online with us.