Acute Renal Failure [A.R.F]

Nephritis is one inflammation of either one or both kidneys. This quite serious disease can even become one reason for death of a person if that person does not treat it carefully and at right time.

Acute nephritis’s causes include erysipelas, scarlatina, flu, strep throat or other analogous conditions.


Symptoms: include swelling of kidney tissues during inflammation, blood circulation of kidneys and glomerulus becomes poor, decline in filtration of blood, accumulation of water and other matter making face, arms, legs swell, severe headache and pain in lower waistline.

It is quite uncommon in men getting an infection in their upper urinary tract but after they cross 50 it becomes very likely that they will experience one infection. When men reach 50 years, high levels of testosterone hormones begin to develop inside their body, which causes prostate enlargement. Symptoms of infection in upper urinary tract includes vomiting and nausea, pressure or pain in bladder area, fever without or with chills and pain in upper or side back. One very serious yet treatable condition, which occurs as one result of functional loss of kidneys is acute renal failure.


As you may know that kidneys are a part of body, which are mainly responsible to remove waste products that your body produces and help in balancing other minerals inside bloodstream and your body.

Hence their functioning makes them one essential portion of body, as your body cannot work without them at all. One can easily make prognosis of this disease by identifying some of its common symptoms including loss of appetite, some nausea and vomiting, pain in lower back, fluid retention, urinating problems, dizziness and general feelings related with restlessness. It is significant that you act immediately if you find any of above common symptoms.

You need not worry if you find one or more symptoms of renal failure. Still you can make your life a normal one. It is good for you if you do exercise regularly, take a healthy diet and live under good hygiene.

For prevention of renal failure, do regular exercise. It will bring one positive effect in your body. Do some light exercise like cycling or jogging for one to two hours every week. Smoking effects badly for your body affecting your vital body organs so stop it now.

Other prevention steps include reducing fatty food, keeping a check on body weight, taking fresh water and taking general checkups.

A most common problem of untreated streptococcal infections is rheumatic fever, which causes due to one abnormal interaction among bacteria and immune system. People believe that microbes combine with antibodies and resulting complex can affect cardiac valves, skin, joints and other body parts. Second damage that can occur due to streptococcal infections is glomerulonephritis or inflammation of kidneys.

Complexes of antibody-bacteria also cause it. It causes failure of kidney and blood inside urine after infection for some weeks. Primary symptoms of this damage are urine’s decreased volume, dark color of urine and swelling in ankles, feet and face. In order to prevent it from occurring in a family, you should clean well all dental appliances daily.


As per the classical homeopathy, we believe in constitutional prescribing. A case of  Acute  renal  disease calls for study of the persons constitution, which includes various aspects of his physical ailments as well as the in-depth study of the mental conditions  such as emotional, psychosocial background, and  behavior of that individual.

Constitutional medicine is selected after individualizing the symptoms of the patient, which when administered in the correct and exact dose treats the patient at an inner level and brings about harmony at the constitutional level.

In cases ,where damage in the kidney has progressed to a deeper level , homoeopathic treatment prevents further progress of disease and freezes deterioration of the condition in future.