Bronchitis, the word self explains itself as the inflammation in the windpipe or bronchus. It is actually an inflammation of bronchial tube, a part of bronchus that enters lungs. This disease is common in kids going to school and caused by some allergies or infection or sometimes both.

Bronchitis is slightly more common in females as compared to males though the fact is not proven yet. It basically occurs when windpipe and bronchi in lungs respond to infections and become inflamed. The mucous lining of these bronchi is thin and hence becomes swollen and irritated. Cells of this lining usually start to leak fluids in case of this type of inflammation.

Bronchitis may be broadly classified into two types.

Acute Bronchitis. This is usually cited post a respiratory infection like cold or also because of a bacteria or virus. The second is chronic bronchitis. This is not a sudden occurring type it is a time taking process and the bronchitis builds up in the lungs for a long time by the irritation of bronchial tubes.

It is also called as allergic bronchitis as it can also happen because of allergies. The symptoms of allergic bronchitis include coughing which is continuous along with mucous and which increases in frequency and strength. There can also be shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing which get aggravated while doing heavy physical work. The patient may also sometimes experience chest pain.


Homoeopathy treatment is highly recommended for bronchitis of all types. In cases of bronchitis homoeopathy can and has offered some very useful and good remedies.

Allopathic treatment of bronchitis includes use of antibiotics but the best part of homeopathic treatment is that the medication is fast and the person still feels fresh and energetic as the medicines do not drain ones’ energy which is in contrast to the allopathic treatment involving antibiotics.

Some homoeopathy medicines which have proved to be useful in various stages of bronchitis are Aconite (useful at the starting stage, helps not only to control it but also to finish it from the root),  belladonna (useful for patients experiencing high fever, dry cough, fullness in chest and many others), bryonia (useful in cases where cough is so severe that it causes pain in the head and other body parts, seldom indicated but frequently given), phosphorus (helpful in cases where patients are delicate, tall, overgrown or with abnormailities), mercurius (helpful in cases where there is roughness from face to middle of the chest, dry cough etc), antimonium tartaricum (useful for capillary bronchitis in infants or old characterized by wheezing, loose cough), sulphur (useful in inveterate cases  and has yielded great results), carbo vegetablis (most useful for old people with yellow, profuse, foetid expectoration and burning sensation).

Homoeopathy, thus, not only cures a disease but also makes a person healthy and fit by strengthening the body’s defense system for fighting diseases. The disease can be easily prevented by restraining oneself from infections and allergies.

Homoeopathy is strongly recommended for the treatment of this disease.