Most of my patients, when they first come to see me, overcook vegetables. I contend that they simply do not know how to prepare them. For some reason, we British often have tendency to boil our veg to death, and in the process lose all of their vital nutrients.

To get the most out of your veggies, either eat them raw or simply steam them lightly for 2-3 minutes maximum in most cases.



Simple carbs are the sugary, refined type of carbohydrates which are not good for you. These include chocolate, Cakes, biscuits, sweets, and anything made with added, refined sugar or flour or processed white rice. During the refinng process, the majority of the minerals and vitamins are removed, and these foods behave like pure sugar when they enter the body. They rush into the bloodstream, causing blood glucose disturbances and sugar cravings. Eat too many of these foods and you will undoubtedly have mood swings. You may get depressed, angry and irritable. If you want to be fat and ill, eat bad carbs. Excess bad carb residues are stored as fat in the body. And finally, years of bad carb eating could lead to diabetes. It’s not worth the risk.


Non-organic foods, such as non-organic fruits and vegetables, have been sprayed with chemicals and grown in soils that that have been treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The residues of these chemical make their way into our bodies when we eat these non-organic foods. They harm our cells and organs and damage our digestive systems. These chemicals become toxins in our bodies, polluting and poisoning us.


Depending how strong your digestive system is, some proteins may simply not be good enough for you. Most people on You Are What You Eat had very weak digestive function, so proteins from red meats were hard for them to break down.

Too many high-protein, fatty, red animal foods can toxify the body and acidify the blood, deplete calcium, overwork the kidneys and liver, stagnate digestion and destroy the beneficial bacteria. This can also lead to kidney stones and liver fatigue, colon and bowel disorders, constipation, arthritis, osteoporosis and heart disease.



The modern diet contains many refined foods. All the participants on You Are What you Eat had diets full of refined foods. Refined foods are stripped of their original, natural nutrient content and fibre. The consumer is left with a more concentrated, unnatural sweet version of the original food. Refined foods. These ingredients are then used in a multitude of other ‘foods’. Baked goods,  chocolates, fast foods and ready meals to name a few are they types of foods filled with additives and preservatives to give them a longer shelf life. These foods really should be called ‘non-foods’. They cause havoc with the health of the body as the body is not designed to deal with these nutrient-depleted, industrial, false foods.