Cervical spondylosis is a disorder in which there is abnormal wear on the cartilage and bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae). It is a common cause of chronic neck pain.

The term Cervical Spondylosis also known as Neck Arthritis is particularly a degeneration of bones of neck (vertebra) and cushions (disks) between the bones associated with mineral deposition in the cushions of the bones. There may be abnormal growths or “spurs” on the bones of the spine (vertebrae).
Due to compression of the nerve, degeneration of invertebral discs, the person experiences pain which is accompanied by stiffness of shoulder muscles.
Studying about the causes and factors of Cervical Spondylosis it is revealed that aging stands as the most common factor. As the time passes changes occur in our body from top to toe including our neck bones too.
Risk Factor: The major risk factor is aging. By age 60, most women and men show signs of cervical spondylosis on x-ray. Other factors that can make a person more likely to develop spondylosis are:
Being overweight and not doing regular exercise.
Having a job that requires heavy lifting or a lot of exertions.
Past neck injury (often several years before)
Past spine surgery
Ruptured or slipped disk
Severe arthritis
Small fractures to the spine from osteoporosis
After around 40 years Chronic degeneration of bones is a common thing to be observed. Men and Women , both have been seen suffering from Cervical Spondylosis but men suffer from it earlier than women.
Symptoms often develop slowly over time, but they may start or get worse very suddenly. The pain may be mild, or it can be deep and so severe that person are unable to move.

You may feel the pain over the shoulder blade or it may spread to the upper arm, forearm, or even up to fingers.
The pain may get worse:
After standing or sitting
At night
When person sneeze, cough, or laugh
When person bend the neck backwards .
Another symptom of Cervical Spondylosis is that an individual experiences pressure or irritation of one or more nerves which is caused due to deposition of minerals between the cushions of bones known as spur or bone growth. Apart from this any previous Neck Injury can also be the cause of cervical spondylosis.
Symptoms include Neck Pain, Neck Stiffness, headache at the back side of head, weakness and numbness in arms, hands and fingers a person can also experience weakness of arms.

Role of Homeopathy:
Homeopathic treatment stands as a major relief for those who opt for it. It provides a permanent cure from cervical spondylosis.
There are many such cases of cervical spondylosis which cannot be cured from any conventional treatments but got permanent relief from homeopathic treatment. This treatment proves to be a boon for many people and is still working for the benefit of many.
Homeopathy has developed a vast range of more than 208 medicines for the treatment of cervical spondylosis.
With the help of these medicines it takes about 12 to 18 weeks to cure recent cases but may take a little longer in more old types of cases to be completely cured. These medicines are prescribed to an individual on the basis of the degree of pain and muscles stiffness they are experiencing but, along with the medicinal dose mild exercises of particular type is always advised to the patient.
In order for a faster and a better recovery from cervical spondylosis a person should follow the advice of the doctor and must take the medicines on the correct time and the correct way which is prescribed to him plus the exercises taught to him must be done on a regular basis without any fail.
Homeopathy provides a permanent relief from cervical spondylosis and that to without any long term adverse effect or any such side effects which may be seen in conventional medical treatments.
An individual also experiences loss of muscle strength along with a continuous discomfort in the back and neck muscles. As long as these symptoms prevail the person experiences a constant pain and stiffness and finds it a hindrance to perform his day to day work. In such cases conventional pain killers offer immediate relief from the pain but may have long term adverse effect on your health but, with the help of homeopathic treatment you will be able to treat the muscle pain without any side effects.