A hollow pear shaped organ in the upper right part of abdomen and beneath liver is the gall bladder. An inflammation in this organ of the human body is known al cholecystitis.

It can be majorly of two types acute or chronic.

The major cause of this disease is the presence of gallstones in the gall bladder with gallstones usually blocking the cystic duct.

Acute cholecystitis includes the presence of gallstone in the gall bladder which blocks the path of cystic duct. Due to this the chemicals in the gall bladder cause inflammation which gradually leads to bacterial inflammation.


Chronic cholecystitis occurs due to the presence of gall stones in the cystic duct. This sometimes occurs due to prolonged or regular attacks of acute cholecystitis.


The symptoms are easily recognizable. These include pain in gall bladder after a meal ful of fat, the pain arises suddenly and worsens progressively.

The pain may sometimes be unbearable and severe. Sometimes cough also increases pain which may only be in severe conditions. It may last up to 12 hours. A very small fever may be seen along with periods of chills.

Sometimes vomiting is also there along with nausea, sometimes jaundice can also occur. The disease can be avoided by taking a proper dietary intake and visiting physician as soon as symptoms come up. If not treated properly and on time cholecystitis may become severe and give rise to many other medical complications. These complications may include gangrene of the liver, perforation or gallstone ileus.


Homeopathy has a scope of treatment in cholecystitis  and has done a good job in the past. Homeopathy treats not only the affected organ but also the person and its immune system making it  strong and able to fight back diseases.

Gall bladder produces hormone responsible for digesting proteins and fats and is therefore important part of the digestive system. Homeopathic medication treats gall bladder as a part of the harmonious working of digestion and treats not only its inflammation but also the causes of the inflammation. Homeopathic medication remove an illness not only from the symptoms but also from roots and restores health in the body.

In acute episodes of pain homeopathic medication helps in reducing the intensity of pain. It not only acts as a pain killer but also helps to treat inflammation and reduce it nominally. Homeopathy helps the gall stone to unblock the duct which allows the bile to flow freely reducing mechanical pressure to a considerable amount.

Some medicines in the homeopathic world neutralize the bile chemicals and hence decrease the intense pain. Medications of homeopathy also act on the bacterial growth and act as antibiotic over them and helps in reducing their overgrowth. Homeopathy treats a person as a whole and improves the inner immunity and enhances gall bladder functioning.

Changes in the diet and daily lifestyle are also advised along with homeopathic medication which helps in prevention and eventual treatment of the disease. It also affects the reoccurrence of attacks of cholecystitis. Homeopathy is completely safe and very effective in cases of cholecystitis.