The passage of small amounts of dry, hard bowel movements which may be lesser than thrice in a week is known as constipation.

People suffering from this disease may find it hard and painful to have a bowel movement or in simpler words they have problem in passing stool. The stool of a person having constipation is hard because it has a lesser amount of water than it should normally have.


Constipation cannot be called a disease it is actually a symptom and because of this it is difficult to clearly define it as it varies in every individual.

Constipation is caused due to lesser amount of fiber and liquids in the diet than necessary. A faulty medication may also lead to constipation. Constipation may also be caused due to changes in lifestyle or routine like old age, travelling, pregnancy etc. overuse of laxative, problems with rectum and colon etc. the symptoms are easily recognizable and can be noticed.


The symptoms are difficulty in passing stool and infrequently. The passage of harder stool than usual is noticed and that too after prolonged straining. There is a loss of appetite, a person has continuous headaches, nausea, vomits etc. the patient often suffers from offensive breath and a bad taste in the mouth.

A person can avoid constipation by TAKING REGULAR DOSES OF FIBER IN THE DIET. A specific amount of liquids and other fluids should be taken mandatorily. A certain amount of physical activity is also important. One should make it a habit of going to the toilet daily.


Homeopathy cures constipation and is considered to be a good treatment of the disease. Many homeopathic drugs effectively help in removing constipation from its roots.

Homeopathic medication involves a follow-up of patient’s medical history, family background, intensity of disease and many other facts. Homeopathy treats a disease to its fullness by treating the underlying causes of the symptoms and evading them out from the body.

The follow-up taken from a patient gives the homeopath the exact condition of the disease which helps in selecting the correct medicines for the patient.

Homeopathy tries to regularize the patient’s body rather than making the patient used to of it. As a disease constipation is fully curable through homeopathic medication.

More than 240 different homeopathic medicines are available in the market for treatment of different types and conditions of constipation. Homeopathy works to improve bowel movement and also increases the body’s demand for liquids which greatly help in the disease’s cure. Homeopathy not just cures the disease but also helps in improving the immune system of a person and betters the digestive system.

As a system of medicines homeopathy has gone a far way in treatment of disorders such as these.

Patients suffering from this disease are strongly recommended for homeopathic medication in light of the medical history that has been seen in cases such as these.