Obtain protein from vegetable sources don not eat foods containing animal protein.


Eat diet consisting of 75 percent raw foods. If cirrhosis is severe, consume only fresh vegetables and fruits and their juices for two weeks.


Include the following in your diet; almonds, brewer’s yeast, grains and seeds, raw goat’s milk, and products derived from goat’s milk. Nuts must be raw and from tightly sealed packages.


Eat plenty of foods high in vitamin K. persons with cirrhosis of the liver are often deficient in vitamin K. good sources of vitamin K include alfalfa sprouts and green leafy vegetable.


Include legumes (kidney beans, peas, and soybeans ) and seeds in your diet. These foods contain the amino acid arginine, which helps to detoxify ammonia, a byproduct of protein digestion.


Drink fresh vegetable juices, such as beet, carrot, dandelion extract, and “green drinks.”


Drink steam-distilled or sip barley water throughout the day.


Use only cold-pressed vegetable oils as sources of dietary fats. Consume oils in uncooked form only, such as in salad dressings.


Limit your intake of fish haddock, bluefish, salmon, and sardines to a maximum of two servings a week, and do not eat raw or undercooked seafood. A damaged liver cannot handle the amount of vitamin  A contained in these foods. Avoid cod liver oil.


Keep the colon clean. Toxins accumulate in the liver and must be excreted via the colon and kidneys.


Do not use harsh laxatives to cleanse the system. Lemon enemas are preferred; take these twice weekly. You can also alternate wheatgrass enemas with coffee enemas for two weeks. Both of these detoxify the system.


Do not take any drugs (over-the-counter or prescription) except for those prescribed by you doctor.


Consume no alcohol in any form. Also eliminate the following from your diet: animal products, candies, milk, pastries, pepper, salt, spices, stimulants of any kind (including caffeine and coals) while rice, and products  containing sugar and/ or white flour. Virtually all commercially prepared foods contain some of the above.


Read all food labels carefully, and avoid most fats. Do not eat any of the following butter, margarine, vegetable shortening, and any other hardened fats fried or fatty foods melted or hard cheeses nuts or oils that have been subjected to heat (either in processing or in cooking), potato chips and all refined and processed foods. These overwork and damage the liver.