Epilepsy And Homeopathy

Epilepsy can be explained as a severe kind of chronic neurological disorder in which the patient suffers from generalized seizures, marked by a series of various atypical bodily movements.

Seizures may be recurrent and unprovoked,or only a single seizure combined with brain alterations which increase the chance of future seizures.

Seizure is the event in which a person experiences several spasmodic movements of the body. These irregular and dangerous body movements may vitally affect the various important muscles of the patient’s body. This neurological disorder may cause seizures with different levels of vividness, frequency and time durations. The seizures caused in epilepsy may be recurring in nature and they need not be provoked to occur at any point of time.

The major cause or internal activity which triggers this fatal incidence of epilepsy is the aberrant and inordinate neuronal set of occurrences in the brain. The number of people suffering from epilepsy all over the world comes down to approximately a staggering 50 million people.

*Most of the new cases of epilepsy can be observed in new-born children and old-aged people.

*It may also affect people who have undergone brain surgery and this may happen while they are in their recovery stage.

*Trauma, stroke, tuberculosis, liver ailments, HIV, encephalitis, etc. are some of the commonly believed inducers of epileptic seizures and the neurological disorders caused by the disease.




It is very important for a person to identify the dominating symptoms of epilepsy in order to be prepared for the required medication. Some of the symptoms through which a person can foresee the prospect of the disease in the body can be –


change in the overall behavior and mood,

a feeling of déjàvu,

an impermanent weakness of body-parts due to partial incomplete seizures,

a feeling of abdominal headache,

painful tongue,

a state of confusion and

deep myalgia (deep sensation of pain in a group of muscles).

All these fatal occurrences happen due to a sudden pause in the transmission of the electrical activities in the brain.



Some of the most important steps in the whole diagnosis process are-

proper collection of the patient’s history and records,

finding out the exact cause of the disease,

checking the blood and calcium levels,

imaging process to observe any structural change in the brain and

EEG process for the cases in which results are not being able to be drawn out.



Conventional treatment and its side effects – The most preferred form of treatment for epilepsy is the use of medications (drugs). But this conventional method of treatment for epilepsy can be very harmful for the patient due to the number of side-effects it carries. Apart from this, another common solution that has been adopted by people to cure epilepsy is the surgical removal of the part of brain which is causing the neurological disorder and seizures.


Homeopathy can act as a strong supportive line of treatment (except for the patients with brain tumor) along with all the other methods in place. Homeopathy is much effective than conventional treatment, in most cases. As per the cause, types of seizures and constitutional make up the case is evaluated and treated.It has been found that many patients who were unresponsive to the other forms of treatment have been found to respond significantly to homeopathy.For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person.By speaking to a professional homeopath, you will be able to find the right treatment based on the symptoms you experience before, during and after an epileptic seizure.