These foods will:

o   Boost your thinking power


o   Lift your mood Reduce stress


o   Boost your vitality


o   Give you a healthier heart

When it comes to heart disease, a healthy diet is the prime player. It can:

o   Supply chemicals in the blood that can unclog arteries, reduce cholesterol, create blood clot solvents and send hormones to relax artery walls, reducing blood pressure.


o   Play a part in the fight against cancer by releasing agents that can cause abnormal cell growths to shrink or disappear


o   Help fight ageing and slow down your body’s natural deterioration


o   Help chase away common colds and flu and stimulate your body to make more natural killer cells to ward off infection


o   Prevent headaches and asthma attacks


o   Create substances that can mute the pain and swelling of arthritis


o   Attack bacteria and viruses


o   Boost your fertility and sex drive


o   Make your skin, hair and nails glow with health

There are countless other benefits, and it would be impossible to name them all. But my message here is loud and clear: Healthy food choices can make you look and feel great.