Lose your weight…through food combining

Food combining is a great way to manage your weight. The idea is that if you eat a single food by itself, or more than one food in the right combination with other foods, you maximize your digestive capacity and ability to break down the foods effectively. This means your body doesn’t hold on to undigested food which then gets turned into fat balls of toxins and cellulite. proper food combining allows the body to efficiently burn fat. In my practice, I have found proper food combining to be one of the most effective ways to lose and control weight.


How it works……

Group 1: Proteins (meat, poultry, cheese, fish, eggs, milk, nuts) produce acid juices for their digestion. They  digest slowly.

Group 2: Carbohydrates these are all grains and the foods made from them (bread, pasta, cereals, flour, biscuits, etc) and starchy vegetables (such as potatoes, yams and sweetcorn) which produce alkaline juices. They digest quickly and require different enzymes to proteins.

If you eat Groups 1 and 2 together, the competing enzymes and  digestive juices will fight and neutralize each other. The result is that food doesn’t get digested properly and rots inside the gut, causing gas, bloating, heartburn, stomach pains, malabsorption, indigestion and energy drain, to say the least.

Group 3: Salads, non-starchy vegetables, roots, seeds, herbs, spices, nut and seed oils. these can be digested with either Group 1 or Group 2 above.

Group 4: Fruit. This is out on its own and holds the record for the fastest digestion rate. Fruit uses completely different enzymes form all   other groups above.

The Solution:

o   Don’t eat Group 1 (Proteins)and Group 2 (carbohydrates) together at the same meal.

o   Group 3 (vegetables) can be eaten with groups 1 or 2.

o   Group 4 (fruit) must always be eaten on its own, at least 30 minutes away from other food groups. It’s best to eat fruit on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning with no other food types. If you eat fruit after a meal, it can’t go anywhere, because it’s stuck behind food that takes much longer to digest, you can expect bloating, flatulence, indigestion. (Never mix melons with other fruits. Melons digest the fastest of all fruits. Therefore, eat alone or leave alone!)

o   Leave two hours after a carbohydrate meal before eating protein. Leave three hours after a protein meal before eating carbohydrates. protein takes four hours to reach the bowel, and carbohydrate meals take two hours form mouth to bowel.