The body is not machine. Unlike a machine it develops, functions , defends, and repairs itself independently.

The coordinating and defending principle in our body is the force or property of life itself  and is called Vital Force or Vitality .Only when the vitality is  disturbed, do we become sick.

The human body is subjected to a number of insults at every moment. Changes in the temperature and strains, physical trauma and the wear and tear are a few such insults.

At every moment we come in contact with countless million germs. They are in the air we breathe, in every pore of our skin, in every fold in our intestine. In spite of all this we fall ill very rarely. And even if we  do, we automatically get well most of the time .

We cannot escape the conclusion that there is within each one of us a force. The force that co-ordinates our system. The  force that deeps the balance between us and our surroundings. The power that defends us from invading  agents. The  energy that fights to get well when we are sick. The force that repairs our damaged tissues, that makes us grow and develop. Call it what you will. Call it  immunity,  or resistance power.

Hahnemann recognized it as function of life itself and called it Life Force or Vital Force.

Often person who get wet in the rain only one may get pneumonia. Bacteria can affect us only if our vitality is disturbed. The disturbance in the vitality is the real disease and that is what needs correction.

Harrison’s authoritative text- book of modern medicine says, “The profound influence of ‘host factors’ upon the infectious process makes it clear, however, that if our understanding of them ever reaches a point that enables us to control them in a predictable fashion, we will inter a new era in the management and control of infectious disease. There is no more important and fertile field for investigation in medicine”. The ‘ host factors’

Robert Koch discovered comma shaped bacteria in the stools of Cholera patients and declared these bacteria to be  the cause of Cholera.

To test this, the famous scientist, Pettenkoffer of Munich and his research assistants swallowed live cultures of the bacteria, but not one of them got Cholera.

The same experiment was repeated by Metchnikoff (Paris) and his associates with the same result. Later at the pastuer Institute a dozen persons swallowed the bacillus, but only one of them got an attack of Cholera.

This shows that Cholera and other infections can affect you only when the basic vitality is disturbed.

Symptoms are to be seen as signs of an internal turmoil. They are to be utilized to recognize the nature of the disturbance. The disturbance has to be treated- not the symptoms.

The mere treatment of symptoms can be dangerous .

Local  treatment of skin eruptions has been repeatedly shown to produce internal derangements like asthma and arthritis

In a patient of high blood  pressure, merely lowering the pressure does not solve the whole problem. Similarly high blood sugar is just one of the effects of Diabetes and not the disease itself. Hence treatment aimed at bringing down the sugar alone constitutes only a partial and temporary treatment of this malady.

The real treatment consists of treating the patient with the disease and thus removing the cause

Homoeopathic treatment is aimed at restoring health.
It is not aimed to check symptoms. When the patient becomes healthy, symptoms disappear.

The aim of treatment is not to remove symptoms or parts affected , but to treat the cause and thus restore health.

In case of tonsillitis, removal of the  tonsils is not cure. The basic disorder responsible, that disturbance in vitality, still persists and may lead to more dangerous expressions.


Similarly in headache, analgesics are not the answer. They merely deaden the pain, the disease progresses. Dr.M.M. Bhangara confirms this when he writes, “Dr. Rene Dubos, a medical Scientist at the Rockefeller institute , New York, in his book ‘ Mirage of Health’ and       Dr.L. Meyler in his ‘Side effects of Drugs’ , have pointed out that immediate beneficial effect of a drug is only a suppression of acute distress; and repeated suppression of acute trouble, be it as minor as a head ache- leads to chronic and degenerative  ailments in the long run”.

Disease is not tonsillitis or headache or bacteria. These are all effects or end- products of disease. The real sickness is the disturbance in the normal functioning of the vitality.  Disease is not a thing but the condition of the condition of the body. It is like a sitar whose correct tuning has been disturbed . naturally all the notes from this  sitar will be non- melodious . There is no use trying to correct  the individual notes. The disturbance in tuning has to be corrected, The tuner has added nothing and taken away nothing from it, yet he has restored harmony.

Homoeopathic  medicine corrects the disturbance and restores normal health. It thus  treats the root cause. The effects automatically disappear.